Tuesday morning presentation schedule

These informal presentations take place after the Tuesday TBI morning group meetings. From 11.30 till noon in the Ventricle, all members of C3NL welcome. The format is open and presentations will be on completed projects, on-going work, during the development of ideas or canvassing for help with difficult analysis issues. If you’d like to have a turn at presenting, please get in touch.

Date Presenter Topic
26th March 2019 Lucia ENIGMA
2nd April 2019 Sebastian
9th April 2019 Lucia & Niall Starter Information
16th April 2019 Niall LSA
30th April 2019 Gus
7th May 2019 Helen MRes Project Rotation 2
16th July 2019 Lucia Students
23rd July 2019 Lucia Students

Past meetings
Date Presenter Topic
20th May 2014 Vanessa SCID
27th May 2014 Puneet/Krishnan MRes Project Presentations
3rd June 2014 ALL Royal Society preparation
10th June 2014 Sagar Selective Stopping
24th June 2014 ALL Royal Society preparation
8th July 2014 Ines Feedback and AOB from royal society exhibition
15th July 2014 Greg amyloid
22nd July 2014 Sagar cognitive switch
29th July 2014 Sara PTA
5th August 2014 James COBRA project
26th August 2014 Csaba Image registration
2nd Sept 2014 Amy spreadsheet
9th Sept 2014 Nikos Tau
16th Sept 2014 Erik something interesting
7th Oct 2014 Pete H pipeline analysis
14th Oct 2014 Amy & Jess The magic of pivot tables
28th Oct 2014 Pete J
4th Nov 2014 ALL SfN poster presentations
11th Nov 2014 Pete H et al. Academic illustrations
18th Nov 2014 SfN
25th Nov 2014 all SfN feedback
2nd Dec 2014 Jess longitudinal behavioural analysis TBI
9th Dec 2014 James/Amy CIF diffusion analysis
6th Jan 2015 Amy Skeletor
13th Jan 2015 All Review of 2014
20th Jan 2015 David Montgomery Research Governance
27th Jan 2015 James FIX
3rd Feb 2015 Mike fMRI
10th Feb 2015 Lucia Japan
17th Feb 2015 Dave Electronic data capture
24th Feb 2015 Ines Phase maps
3rd March 2015 Sara Pediatric TBI grant
10th March 2015 Nikos Some nice correlations
17th March 2015 James & Amy DTI reliability
24th March 2015 Stuart Soldiers blast injury
31st March 2015 Pete & Jess HCP tractography
21st April 2015 Pete ABN poster
28th April 2015 Lucia ABN presentation practice
5th May 2015 Ewan et al. Consensus lesion segmentations
12th May 2015 Rafael MRes presentation practice
19th May 2015 Dave NIHR presentation
26th May 2015 Annika MRes presentation practice
16th June 2015 Claire GE180
30th June 2015 Nikos & Ewan Open Clinica
7th July 2015 cancelled
14th July 2015 Alex PET
21st July 2015 Nikos Apathy in TBI
28th July 2015 James Longitudinal VBM in TBI
4th Aug 2015 Romy/Lucia/Sara Meet the Scientists Discussion/Questionnaires
29nd Sept 2015 all lesions
6th Oct 2015 all SfN posters
13th Oct 2015 James, Emma & Dave TBI genetics
27th Oct 2015 SfN highlights
3rd Nov 2015 Amy lesions & skeletor tracts
10th Nov 2015 group Clinic – Memory Booklet feedback
17th Nov 2015 Pete DTI-TK for diffusion registration
24th Nov 2015 Greg fMRI memory results
1st Dec 2015 Lucia Learning test
8th Dec 2015 Ewan and friends lesion drawing
15th Dec 2015 James Lothian Birth Cohort
22nd Dec 2015 all Christmas jumper day
12th Jan 2016 all 2015 year review
1st March 2016 Pete & Amy IBIA presentations
15th March 2016 Lucia TDCS
22nd March 2016 Ines tbc
29th March 2016 Easter closure
5th April 2016 Sara ASL
12th April 2016 James cURL for C3NL XNAT
19th April 2016 Romy
May 17th 2016 ABN
May 24th 2016 Maria MRS
May 31st 2016 Niall NODDI
June 7th 2016 Ewan proforma
June 14th 2016 Sophie PTA Practice Presentation
June 21st 2016 Amy
July 5th 2016 James, Sara, Ines & Lucia OHBM highlights
July 19th 2016 James Statistical power
13th Sept 2016 Amy PHNO
20th Sept 2016 All TBI DAY
27th Sept 2016 Niall XNAT Uploads
4th Oct 2016 Nikos New PTA
11th Oct 2016 Maria Animal work
18th Oct 2016 Stuart Cancelled
25th Oct 2016 Sara Motion FMRI
8th Nov 2016 Stuart Blast TBI
22nd Nov 2016
29th Nov 2016 Joel MS Results
10th Jan 2017 all Retrospective and future plans
17th Jan 2017 all Code repositories
24th Jan 2017 Daniel Friedland Neuropsych in TBI
31st Jan 2017
7th Feb 2017 Pete DREAM
14th Feb 2017
21st Feb 2017 Emma PTA
28th Feb 2017 Nikos & Gus OpenClinica
7th March 2017 Sara resting-state
14th March 2017
21st March 2017 James Longitudinal HIV
28th March 2017 Niall TBI NODDI
4th April 2017 Nikos AAN practice
11th April 2017 Pete AAN practice
18th April 2017 Easter closure day
25th April 2017 no meeting AAN
2nd May 2017 Cornelius aninmal work
9th May 2017 all clinical conference catch-up
16th May 2017 Federico Moro fMRI in animal models
23rd May Maria MRI update
30th May Eyall Lesions
11th July ALL Conference FINAL update
29th August Gus Clinic analysis
5th September Urvi
3rd October Emma PTA
11th October Lucia FrontiersInTBI
17th October Dave i4i Task Pilot Selection
24th October Gus C3NL Open Day
24th October Cornelius Animal data
9th January Gus & Maria NODDI Data
16th January Dave Yearly round-up
23rd January Greg & Niall Imperial HPC
13th Feb 2018 Gus & Niall & Emma & Amy & Will i4i
20th Feb 2018 Greg Imperial HPC & Wiki-athon
27th Feb 2018 Maria IMAGINE
6th March 2018 Adrianna BLAST monkeys
27th March 2018 C3NL Lee-Goldstein
10th April 2018 C3NL Wiki-athon/Juptyr Notebook
1st May 2018 Shamim & Saroop and Esther Project Presentation
8th May 2018 Neil Graham Predicting Neurodegeneration after TBI
15th May 2018 Rav & Maria MRes Project Presentation
22nd May 2018 C3NL Group Jupityr Notebook re-discussion
26th June 2018 Maria and Cornelius Animal data update
10th July 2018 Maria and Adrianna TBC
14th August 2018 Rav Med Legal pipeline on Jupyter
21st August 2018 Maria B and Meghan and Rav MRes presentations
4th September 2018 Amy Working memory and diffusion data
12th September 2018 Adriana Project update
18/25th September 2018 C3NL General Wiki-athon
9/10/18 Amy  – Maria/Amy/Emma DTI notebook and  XNAT DL notebook
16/10/18 no meeting
23/10/18 no meeting
6/11/18 Cornelius
13/11/18 Group FiTBI
15/01/19 Cornelius
22/01/19 No meeting
5th February 2019 Gus BIOAX DTI
12th February 2019 Adriana
19th February 2019 Amy
26th February 2019 Neil & Helen
5th March 2019 Claire Baker Transport Research
12th March 2019 Richard