P3NL – Peer-reviewed and Published Papers News Loop

With this informal scheme we are intending to keep the lab up-to-date about recently accepted and published papers by C3NL members. It is about promoting communication and transparency and stimulate new collaborations.


The presenter also gives insights into the publication process and answers questions, such as:

  • Why did you choose to submit your manuscript to this journal?
  • To which journals have you submitted the manuscript before?
  • How many revisions did the manuscript went through?
  • What further validation analyses were demanded by the reviewers?
  • What were the main critique points by the reviewers and how did you address them?


The meetings take place every other Friday at 4 pm in the Ventricle.


Here is a list of the the previous presenters:

Paper Title
Journal + Publication Date
24/03/2017 Dr. James Cole  Increased brain-predicted ageing in treated HIV disease Neurology, in press
10/03/2017 Dr. Ines Violante Externally induced frontoparietal synchronization modulates network dynamics and enhances working memory performance  ELife, in press
24/02/2017 Romy Lorenz Neuroadaptive Bayesian Optimization and Hypothesis Testing Trends in Cognitive Science, February 2017
7/10/2016 Dr. Sara de Simoni Disconnection between the Default Mode Network and Medial Temporal Lobes in Post-Traumatic Amnesia  Brain, October 2016
2/09/2016 Erik Fagerholm

Cortical Entropy, Mutual Information and Scale-Free Dynamics in Waking Mice

 Cerebral Cortex, July 2016
12/08/2016 Dr. Pete Jenkins

Concussion is confusing us all

Practical Neurology, February 2016
 29/04/2016 Leor Roseman Increased Global Functional Connectivity Correlates with LSD-Induced Ego Dissolution


LSD alters eyes-closed functional connectivity within the early visual cortex in a retinotopic fashion

Current Biology, April 2016


Human Brain Mapping, April 2016

29/01/2016 Romy Lorenz The Automatic Neuroscientist: A framework for optimizing experimental design with closed-loop real-time fMRI NeuroImage, January 2016
06/11/2015 Dr. Lucia M. Li The effect of oppositional parietal transcranial direct current stimulation on lateralized brain functions


The contribution of interindividual factors to variability of response intranscranial direct current stimulation studies

European Journal of Neuroscience, November 2015


Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, May 2015

21/08/2015 Dr. Peter Hellyer

Cognitive Flexibility through Metastable Neural Dynamics Is Disrupted by Damage to the Structural Connectome

The Journal of Neuroscience,  June 2015
10/07/2015 Dr. Robert Leech Echoes of the Brain: Local-Scale Representation of Whole-Brain Functional Networks within Transmodal Cortex The Neuroscientist, May 2015
24/04/2015 Dr. James Cole Prediction of brain age suggests accelerated atrophy after traumatic brain injury Annals of Neurology, April 2015
06/03/2015 Dr. Anna Simmonds Parallel systems in the control of speech Human Brain Mapping, May 2014
 06/02/2015 Dr. Gregory Scott Exploring spatiotemporal network transitions in task functional MRI Human Brain Mapping, April 2015


If you would like to present your paper please contact the organisers: Richard Daws and Romy Lorenz