MiNTS (Methods in Neuroimaging Teaching Seminars) is the C3NL methodology teaching course. MiNTS for 2016-2017 will focus on statistics, specifically using R. It will be take place every other Wednesday at 4pm, in the Ventricle at C3NL.

The format of MiNTS is open and flexible, with the aim that each member of the lab leads a lecture or workshop to teach the rest of the group about their neuroimaging and academic expertise. For Stats Club, this is good opportunity to bring specific analysis questions for discussion with the rest of the lab. Come armed with your own data to get help with your stats issues.

Autumn 2016 Timetable

Date Speaker Topic Time
28th Sept all MiNTS Stats Club 4pm
12th Oct all MiNTS Stats Club 4pm
26th Oct all MiNTS Stats Club 4pm
9th Nov all MiNTS Stats Club 4pm

We are open to planning sessions on any topics relating to the process of neuroimaging research. All suggestions are welcome (see below for some ideas). Please contact James for more details.

MiNTS ideas, suggestions and requests:
Python for Nipype
Field Map Correction & Physiological monitoring (Fatemeh)
Scripting tips for fMRI analysis (Csaba)
Neurofeedback (Romy)
Dual Regression
Graph Theory
Machine Learning
Bayesian stats
Dimension reduction techniques (ICA / PCA / Clustering)
Motion Correction / co-varying white & gray matter / FIX,
Writing Articles / Good Posters
Lesion studies
PET (using MIAKAT?)
Electrophysiology – EEG / MEG
General Linear Model

Previous Sessions

Autumn 2014 Timetable

Date Speaker Topic Time
4th September Pete H Cluster masterclass 12pm
19th September James Diffusion MRI & tractography 11am
3rd October Anna Insights from the inside of Nature 11am
17th October Sara Arterial Spin Labelling 11am
31st October Nikos N of 1 – Randomised designs 11am
5th December James R for statistics 11am

Spring-Summer 2014 Timetable

Date Speaker Topic
1st May Rod How to make Pretty Brain Images
15th May Martin Frequency domain: Fourier Transform and EEG
29th May David Grantsmanship
10th July Ines MRS & GABA Spectroscopy

Autumn 2015 Timetable

Date Speaker Topic Time
1th September Gus MRS_LCModel_MiNTS_Gus_Zimmerman[1] 11am
18th September Stefan & James Nipype Pipelines at C3NL 11am
9th October Eyal MATLAB – top tips for neuroimagers 11am