C3NL Brain Meeting

Our series of talks take place every Tuesday at 4pm during term time. The Brain Meeting is held at Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital campus, and covers a wide range of neuroscience topics. All Imperial staff, students, affiliates and academic visitors are welcome, no RSVP necessary. Tea, coffee & biscuits are served afterwards.

Any questions about the Brain Meeting or suggestions for speakers, please get in touch with the organisers, Dr Maria Yanez Lopez (maria.yanez-lopez@imperial.ac.uk) or Dr Stefano Sandrone (stefano.sandrone@imperial.ac.uk)


Upcoming talks

Date Location Speaker Title Institution
29/01/2019  CANCELLED Dr Christopher Butler Memory emotion and brain networks: novel insights from limbic encephalitis The University of Oxford

Previous talks

From 2013-2017

Date Speaker Title Institution
17/09/2013 Dr Saad Jbadi Diffusion MRI tractography: Analysis, Applications, Validation and the Human Connectome Project University of Oxford
24/09/2013 Dr Claudia Clopath Modelling synaptic plasticity and its functional implications Imperial College London
01/10/2013 Mr Filipe Peliz Pinto Teixeira Network Evolution Approaching Criticality Imperial College London
08/10/2013 Prof Thomas Knopfel Illuminating brain activity with genetically encoded voltage indicators Imperial College London
15/10/2013 Dr Claire Feeney & Dr Greg Scott; Dr Peter Jenkins & Dr Sara de Simoni PROJECTS MEETING; Chronic Inflammation in TBI; Dopamine Dysregulation in TBI Imperial College London
22/10/2013 Prof Fred Nyberg Growth hormone – A rescue for the addictive brain? Uppsala University
29/10/2013 Prof Matt Lambon-Ralph Semantic cognition and cognitive control University of Manchester
05/11/2013 Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis Neurocognitive deficits following TBI – Do cognitive enhancers help? University of Cambridge
19/11/2013 Dr Sam Chamberlain Towards endophenotypes for obsessive-compulsive disorders University of Cambridge
26/11/2013 Dr Chiara Nosarti Neurodevelopmental outcome of very preterm birth in adulthood King's College London
03/12/2013 Dr Rachael Scahill & Dr. Nicola Hobbs Neuroimaging biomarkers in Huntington's Disease UCL
10/12/2013 Prof Simone Di Giovanni Epigenetic control of axon regeneration Imperial College London
09/01/2014 Dr Lee Goldstein Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Blast-Exposed Military Veterans and a Blast Neurotrauma Mouse Model: From Acute Injury to Chronic Sequelae Boston University
21/01/2014 Dr Andy Simmons AddNeuroMed: Imaging biomarker discovery in Alzheimer's Disease King's College London
28/01/2014 Dr Paul Expert Detecting communities in spatial and temporal networks King's College London
04/02/2014 Dr Zoe Woodhead Reading front to back: MEG investigations of the reading network in healthy controls and patients with pure alexia UCL
11/02/2014 Dr Navpreet Chhina & Dr. Joel Raffel fMRI of obesity treatments/MRI of multiple sclerosis Imperial College London
18/02/2014 Dr Robert Dickinson Xenon neuroprotection in models of TBI Imperial College London
25/02/2014 Dr Andre Marquand Pattern recognition methods for clinical and experimental neuroimaging King's College London
04/03/2014 Dr Kambiz Alavian Mitochondrial bioenergetics efficiency in neuronal physiology and degeneration Imperial College London
18/03/2014 Dr Johnny O'Muircheartaigh The anatomy of resting state connectivity in adults and children King's College London
01/04/2014 Dr Nikolas Mazarakis Lentiviral Vectors – Clinical Trials in Neurodegenerative Diseases Imperial College London
06/05/2014 Prof Annette Karmiloff-Smith Studying babies with Down syndrome to explore risk and protective factors for Alzheimer’s dementia in adults Birkbeck College
13/05/2014 Mr Antonio Belli Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Traumatic brain injury University of Birmingham
27/05/2014 Dr JD Tournier Recent advances in diffusion MRI King's College London
03/06/2014 Prof John Ashburner Morphometry with SPM12 UCL
10/06/2014 Dr Tristan Bekinschtein Brain networks reorganisation in disorders of consciousness and anaesthesia University of Cambridge
17/06/2014 Dr Angie Kehagia Neuropsychiatry and Cognition in Parkinson's Disease: Beyond Complications King's College London
24/06/2014 Dr Parashkev Nachev Large-Scale Lesion Function Mapping University College London
08/07/2014 Peter Lally Magnetic Resonance Biomarkers in Neonatal Encephalopathy Imperial College London
15/07/2014 Dr Charlotte Stagg Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS): a potential new tool for stroke rehabilitation University of Oxford
09/09/2014 Dr Kiran Seunarine & Dr Peter McColgan Altered structural connectivity in Huntington's Disease UCL
16/09/2014 Prof Richard Wise Centre for Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
30/09/2014 Dr Gustav Kuhn What can misdirections tell us about visual attention? Goldsmiths, University of London
14/10/2014 Dr Colin Mahoney Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Frontotemporal Lobar Degenerations UCL
21/10/2014 Mr Rodrigo Braga/Mr Sagar Jilka C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
28/10/2014 Dr Jason Berwick Blood vessel BOLD imaging University of Sheffield
04/11/2014 Prof Roger Gunn Molecular Imaging for Neuroscience Drug Discovery and Development Imperial College London
11/11/2014 Dr Simon Hanslmayr EEG, brain oscillations and cognition University of Birmingham
25/11/2014 Greg Scott/Salwa Kamourieh C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
09/12/2014 Dr David Soto Working memory, attention and consciousness Imperial College London
16/12/2014 Peter Hellyer/Fatemeh Geranmayeh C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
20/01/2015 Dr James Myers MR Spectroscopy Imperial College London
03/02/2015 Dr Ameera Patel Wavelet analysis of functional MRI University of Cambridge
10/02/2015 Dr Paresh Malhotra Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
17/02/2015 Dr Caroline Williams-Gray Parkinson's Disease University of Cambridge
24/02/2015 Joint Neuropsychopharmacology & C3NL meeting Imperial College London
03/03/2015 Stuart Roberts/Claire Feeney C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
10/03/2015 Dr Dipakar Nandi Neuromodulation Imperial College London
17/03/2015 Dr Susan Francis Diabetes University of Nottingham
04/03/2015 Dr Mattia Veronese Applications of PET in Neuroscience King's College London
21/04/2015 Dr Daniel Margulies Investigating topographic principles of cortical connectivity Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
28/04/2015 Dr Sanjay Manohar Neuropsychological mechanisms of motivation by reward University of Oxford
05/05/2015 Dr Paul Bentley Attention-motor interactions after stroke Imperial College London
19/05/2015 Dr Nahid Zokaei Understanding visual working memory in health and disease University of Oxford
26/05/2015 Alex Whittington/Jonanthan Underwood C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
02/06/2015 Dr Rob Leech Centre for Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
09/06/2015 Dr Jacinta O'Shea Neurostimulation in Stroke University of Oxford
16/06/2015 Dr Mazdak Ghajari Biomechanics of traumatic brain injury Imperial College London
08/09/2015 Prof David Sharp Concussion? Imperial College London
15/09/2015 Amir Sariaslan Long-term outcomes of TBI in children/adolescents University of Oxford
22/09/2015 Dr Ines Violante Hot-wiring the brain: Simultaneous fMRI & TACS Imperial College London
29/09/2015 Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars Choline-PET and MR Spectroscopy in Primary Brain Gliomas Imperial College London
06/10/2015 Prof David Dexter Translational approaches for developing novel therapies for Parkinson's disease Imperial College London
27/10/2015 Dr Maria Yanez-Lopez CEST Imperial College London
03/11/2015 Dr Greg Scott Neuroinflammation after traumatic brain injury Imperial College London
10/11/2015 Dr Ged Ridgway Modelling longitudinal structural MRI University of Oxford
17/11/2015 Prof Henrik Zetterberg Neurogeneration/Inflammation in TBI University of Gothenburg
24/11/2015 Dr Stephen Fleming Metacognition/insight in neurological disorders University College London
08/12/2015 Mr Leor Roseman Psychedilc Imagery Imperial College London
19/01/2016 Dr Davinia Fernandez-Espejo Minimally Conscious States & fMRI University of Birmingham
26/01/2016 Dr Peter Taylor Dynamical systems & graph theory in the context of brain networks in epilepsy Newcastle University
02/02/2016 Dr Damian Cruse Minimally Conscious States & EEG University of Birmingham
09/02/2016 Dr Julian O'Kelly Music Therapy with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness – Lessons from Research Royal Hospital for Neurodisability
16/02/2016 Dr Nicoleta Baxan Preclinical MRI & BIC Imaging Imperial College London
23/02/2016 Prof Paola Piccini Functional imaging in Parkinson's disease: an overview Imperial College London
01/03/2016 Dr Jon Brown Functional disruption of hippocampal and cortical circuits in a mouse model of tauopathy University of Exeter
15/03/2016 Dr Boon Lim Vasovagal syncope and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome: case base discussions Imperial College London
22/03/2016 Dr Olivier Mougin Chemical exchange saturation transfer at 7T: development and application to pathology University of Nottingham
12/04/2016 Dr Peggy St. Jacques Retrieval-related modification of memories for events University of Sussex
26/04/2016 Dr Cornelius K Donat Animal models of Traumatic Brain Injury Or: Do woodpeckers get concussions? Imperial College London
03/05/2016 Dr Kudret Yelden Optimizing circadian rhythm and characterizing brain function in disorders of consciousness The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
10/05/2016 Dr Rogier Kievit The rise and fall of executive functions: How and why higher cognitive functions change across the lifespan MRC CBU
17/05/2016 Dr Dan Carey Speech representation, learning and plasticity: insights from multi-modal imaging Royal Holloway
24/05/2016 Dr Amir-Homayoun Javadi Cognitive enhancement using physical exercise and brain stimulation University of Kent
31/05/2016 Dr Ines Violante Hacking the brain II: External manipulations of frontoparietal phase coupling modulate behaviour, neural activity and connectivity Imperial College London
14/06/2016 Laura Acqualagna Pushing the boundaries of Brain-Computer Interface technology: challenges in novel applications and large scale studies Technische Universität Berlin
21/06/2016 Dr Anna Simmonds Variability in vocal learning brain circuits Imperial College London
05/07/2016 Dr Graham Searle and Dr Christopher Coello MIAKAT: A Toolbox for Quantitative Analysis of PET Imaging Data Imanova
12/07/2016 Dr Magda Sliwinska Defining the importance of domain-general brain systems in language learning using TMS Imperial College London
27/09/2016 Dr Mazdak Ghajari Computational modelling of TBI Imperial College London
04/10/2016 Dr Gary Zhang Imaging tissue microstructure with advanced diffusion MRI UCL
11/10/2016 Dr James Cole Brain Ageing: Old ill or both? Imperial College London
18/10/2016 Dr Rebecca Jackson Investigating the Function of Resting-State Networks using a Systematic ICA Approach University of Manchester
25/10/2016 Dr Emma Meaburn Biological basis of risk and resilience: insights from genomics Birkbeck
01/11/2016 Dr Deniz Vatansever A Functional Role for the Default Mode Network in Cognitive Flexibility University of York
08/11/2016 Dr Kyle Jasmin Talking in the scanner: live interaction tasks and what they tell us about typical and autistic brain organisation UCL
15/11/2016 Dr Adeel Razi Dynamic causal modelling of the resting brain UCL
22/11/2016 Professor Serena Counsell Preterm brain development: insights from diffusion MRI King's College London
06/12/2016 Dr Jonathan Smallwood Understanding the role of the default mode network in cognition: towards a component process account University of York
13/12/2016 Dr Jon Underwood Cognitive impairment in treated HIV-disease Imperial College London
31/01/2017 Dr Eyal Soreq Decoding the functional brain Imperial College London
07/02/2017 Prof Rolf Heckemann Quantitative signatures of brain disease in structural MR images MedTech West Sweden
14/02/2017 Mr Derek Andrews Novel Applications of Structural Imaging and Pattern Recognition to Investigate Autism Spectrum Disorder King's College London
21/02/2017 Dr. M.W.A. Caan Quantifying MRI: from reconstruction to application in neuroimaging Academisch Medisch Centrum (The Netherlands)
28/02/2017 Prof Hugo Spiers Developing a diagnostic for Alzheimer’s dementia with a 2.5 million test sample: Sea Hero Quest UCL
28/03/2017 Dr Julio Acosta-Cabronero Recent advances in neurodegenerative disease research with diffusion and susceptibility MRI University College London
09/05/2017 Prof Mary Morrell & Dr Ivana Rosenzweig The neural and cognitive impact of sleep apnoea Imperial College London & King's College London
16/05/2017 Dr Sara de Simoni Corticostriatal connectivity and executive dysfunction in TBI Imperial College London
30/05/2017 Dr Soroosh Afyouni Insight and Inference for DVARS & Impact of Autocorrelation of Functional Connectome The University of Warwick
13/06/2017 Prof Marios Philiastides Inferring cortical networks underlying reward and value-based decision making in humans University of Glasgow
20/06/2017 Dr Frederique Liegeois Speech and language outcomes after traumatic brain injury in childhood: MRI correlates University College London
11/07/2017 Dr Micah Allen Precision in metacognition: a global mechanism for perceptual confidence? University College London
12/09/2017 Professor David Sharp Precision medicine in TBI: lessons from dopaminergic treatment of cognitive impairment Imperial College London
19/09/2017 Mr Louis David-Lord Understanding Principles of Integration and Segregation using Whole-Brain Computational Connectomics: Implications for Altered States of Consciousness University of Oxford
26/09/2017 Dr Fatemeh Geranmayeh Domain general brain networks and language recovery after stroke Imperial College London
03/10/2017 Dr David Carmichael EEG-fMRI in epilepsy: technical developments clinical application and connectivity University College London
17/10/2017 Dr Srivas Chennu Brain connectivity in disorders of consciousness University of Cambridge
24/10/2017 Dr Alexandra Young Modelling the progression and heterogeneity of neurodegenerative diseases UCL
07/11/2017 Professor Clare Elwell Near Infrared Spectroscopy – Changing How When and Where We Can Image the Brain University College London
14/11/2017 Dr Flavio Dell' Acqua Studying connectional neuroanatomy with diffusion imaging: challenges and limitations of modern tractography King's College London
21/11/2017 Dr Lucia Li Promoting network recovery after traumatic brain injury: exploring the targeted application of transcranial direct current stimulation Imperial College London
28/11/2017 Prof Beth Jefferies The organisation of large-scale networks supporting semantic cognition University of York
05/12/2017 Dr Yujiang Wang Computational modelling of epileptic seizures Newcastle University
30/01/2018 Dr Nicoletta Nicolaou Towards closed-loop anaesthetic administration: progress and challenges Imperial College London/University of Reading
20/02/2018 Dr Nir Grossman Non-invasive deep brain stimulation via temporally interfering electric fields Imperial College London
06/03/2018 Dr Celia Demarchi & Dr Sara de Simoni Paediatric TBI Imperial College London
13/03/2018 Prof Damien Coyle Brain Computer Interfaces (TBA) Ulster University
08/05/2018 Dr Martin Rajchl AI methods for Brain Image Analysis-Part 1 Imperial College London
15/05/2018 Dr Martin Rajchl AI methods for Brain Image Analysis-Part 2 Imperial College London
22/05/2018 Dr Hector Zenil Algorithmic cognition: a new approach to behavioural science from algorithmic complexity Karolinska Institutet Stockholm Sweden
12/06/2018 Prof Damien Coyle TBA Ulster University
19/06/2018 Prof Adina T Michael-Titus CANCELLED Queen Mary University of London
26/06/2018 Dr Emily Jones CANCELLED Birkbeck University of London
2/10/2018 Karl Zimmerman Hard hitting insights into rugby impacts and implications: an overview of the TACKLE study aims and development Imperial College London
2/10/2018 Neil Graham Dementia after traumatic brain injury: prediction diagnosis and the road to treatment Imperial College London
9/10/2018 Sarah Mason Understanding cognitive changes in premanifest Huntington’s disease University of Cambridge
16/10/2018 Prof Matteo Carandini From vision to navigation: a journey across mouse cortex UCL
23/10/2018 CANCELLED Dr Emily Jones Building a brain: Towards a translational developmental neuroscience framework for autism Birkbeck University of London
30/10/2018 Dr Neal Bangerter Ultra-High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cartilage Imperial College London
13/11/2018 Dr Virginia Newcombe Magnetic resonance imaging as a biomarker for TBI University of Cambridge
20/11/2018   Dr Stamatios Sotiropoulos Measuring macroscopic brain connections in-vivo The University of Nottingham
27/11/2018 Dr Laura Parkes Imaging the changing brain: plasticity of primary somatosensory cortex The University of Manchester
4/12/2018 Emma Mallas and Amy Jolly Working memory in TBI: from acute to chronic Imperial College London
11/12/2018 Dr Jonathan Schott Exploring the prevalence causes and consequences of Alzheimer and cerebrovascular pathology in the 1946 birth cohort UCL

Selected posters from previous talks