C3NL Brain Meeting

Our series of talks take place every Tuesday at 4pm during term time. The Brain Meeting is held at the Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital campus, and cover a wide range of neuroscience topics. All Imperial staff, students, affiliates and academic visitors are welcome, no RSVP necessary. Tea, coffee & biscuits are served afterwards in the Wolfson building canteen.

Any questions about the Brain Meeting or suggestions for speakers, please get in touch with the organisers, Dr Nikos Gorgoraptis and Dr Maria Yanez Lopez.

Upcoming talks – Spring 2017

Date Location Speaker Title Institution
13/06/2017 Wolfson Seminar Room 1 Prof Marios Philiastides Inferring cortical networks underlying reward and value-based decision making in humans University of Glasgow
20/06/2017 Wolfson Seminar Room 2 Dr Frederique Liegeois Speech and language outcomes after traumatic brain injury in childhood: MRI correlates University College London
04/07/2017 TBC Dr Romy Lorenz Neuroadaptive Bayesian optimization: Implications for the Cognitive Sciences Imperial College London
11/07/2017 TBC Dr Micah Allen TBC University College London
05/09/2017 TBC Dr Carol di Perri TBC University of Liège
12/09/2017 TBC Professor David Sharp TBC Imperial College London
19/09/2017 TBC Mr Louis David-Lord Understanding Principles of Integration and Segregation using Whole-Brain Computational Connectomics: Implications for Altered States of Consciousness University of Oxford

Previous talks

Date Speaker Title Institution
17/09/2013 Dr Saad Jbadi Diffusion MRI tractography: Analysis, Applications, Validation and the Human Connectome Project University of Oxford
24/09/2013 Dr Claudia Clopath Modelling synaptic plasticity and its functional implications Imperial College London
01/10/2013 Filipe Peliz Pinto Teixeira Network Evolution Approaching Criticality Imperial College London
08/10/2013 Prof. Thomas Knopfel Illuminating brain activity with genetically encoded voltage indicators Imperial College London
15/10/2013 Dr Claire Feeney & Dr Greg Scott; Dr Peter Jenkins & Dr Sara de Simoni PROJECTS MEETING; Chronic Inflammation in TBI; Dopamine Dysregulation in TBI Imperial College London
22/10/2013 Prof. Fred Nyberg Growth hormone – A rescue for the addictive brain? Uppsala University
29/10/2013 Prof. Matt Lambon-Ralph Semantic cognition and cognitive control University of Manchester
05/11/2013 Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis Neurocognitive deficits following TBI – Do cognitive enhancers help? University of Cambridge
19/11/2013 Dr Sam Chamberlain Towards endophenotypes for obsessive-compulsive disorders University of Cambridge
26/11/2013 Dr Chiara Nosarti Neurodevelopmental outcome of very preterm birth in adulthood King's College London
03/12/2013 Dr Rachael Scahill & Dr. Nicola Hobbs Neuroimaging biomarkers in Huntington's Disease UCL
10/12/2013 Prof. Simone Di Giovanni Epigenetic control of axon regeneration Imperial College London
09/01/2014 Dr Lee Goldstein Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Blast-Exposed Military Veterans and a Blast Neurotrauma Mouse Model: From Acute Injury to Chronic Sequelae Boston University
21/01/2014 Dr Andy Simmons AddNeuroMed: Imaging biomarker discovery in Alzheimer's Disease King's College London
28/01/2014 Dr Paul Expert Detecting communities in spatial and temporal networks King's College London
04/02/2014 Dr Zoe Woodhead Reading front to back: MEG investigations of the reading network in healthy controls and patients with pure alexia UCL
11/02/2014 Dr Navpreet Chhina & Dr. Joel Raffel fMRI of obesity treatments/MRI of multiple sclerosis Imperial College London
18/02/2014 Dr Robert Dickinson Xenon neuroprotection in models of TBI Imperial College London
25/02/2014 Dr Andre Marquand Pattern recognition methods for clinical and experimental neuroimaging King's College London
04/03/2014 Dr Kambiz Alavian Mitochondrial bioenergetics efficiency in neuronal physiology and degeneration Imperial College London
18/03/2014 Dr Johnny O'Muircheartaigh The anatomy of resting state connectivity in adults and children King's College London
01/04/2014 Dr Nikolas Mazarakis Lentiviral Vectors – Clinical Trials in Neurodegenerative Diseases Imperial College London
06/05/2014 Prof. Annette Karmiloff-Smith Studying babies with Down syndrome to explore risk and protective factors for Alzheimer’s dementia in adults Birkbeck College
13/05/2014 Mr Antonio Belli Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Traumatic brain injury University of Birmingham
27/05/2014 Dr JD Tournier Recent advances in diffusion MRI King's College London
03/06/2014 Prof. John Ashburner Morphometry with SPM12 UCL
10/06/2014 Dr Tristan Bekinschtein Brain networks reorganisation in disorders of consciousness and anaesthesia University of Cambridge
17/06/2014 Dr Angie Kehagia Neuropsychiatry and Cognition in Parkinson's Disease: Beyond Complications King's College London
24/06/2014 Dr Parashkev Nachev Large-Scale Lesion Function Mapping University College London
08/07/2014 Peter Lally Magnetic Resonance Biomarkers in Neonatal Encephalopathy Imperial College London
15/07/2014 Dr Charlotte Stagg Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS): a potential new tool for stroke rehabilitation University of Oxford
09/09/2014 Dr Kiran Seunarine & Dr Peter McColgan Altered structural connectivity in Huntington's Disease UCL
16/09/2014 Prof Richard Wise Centre for Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
30/09/2014 Dr Gustav Kuhn What can misdirections tell us about visual attention? Goldsmiths, University of London
14/10/2014 Dr Colin Mahoney Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Frontotemporal Lobar Degenerations UCL
21/10/2014 Rodrigo Braga/Sagar Jilka C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
28/10/2014 Dr Jason Berwick Blood vessel BOLD imaging University of Sheffield
04/11/2014 Professor Roger Gunn Molecular Imaging for Neuroscience Drug Discovery and Development Imperial College London
11/11/2014 Dr Simon Hanslmayr EEG, brain oscillations and cognition University of Birmingham
25/11/2014 Greg Scott/Salwa Kamourieh C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
09/12/2014 Dr David Soto Working memory, attention and consciousness Imperial College London
16/12/2014 Peter Hellyer/Fatemeh Geranmayeh C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
20/01/2015 Dr James Myers MR Spectroscopy Imperial College London
03/02/2015 Dr Ameera Patel Wavelet analysis of functional MRI University of Cambridge
10/02/2015 Dr Paresh Malhotra Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
17/02/2015 Dr Caroline Williams-Gray Parkinson's Disease University of Cambridge
24/02/2015 Joint Neuropsychopharmacology & C3NL meeting Imperial College London
03/03/2015 Stuart Roberts/Claire Feeney C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
10/03/2015 Dr Dipakar Nandi Neuromodulation Imperial College London
17/03/2015 Dr Susan Francis Diabetes University of Nottingham
04/03/2015 Dr Mattia Veronese Applications of PET in Neuroscience King's College London
21/04/2015 Dr Daniel Margulies Investigating topographic principles of cortical connectivity Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
28/04/2015 Dr Sanjay Manohar Neuropsychological mechanisms of motivation by reward University of Oxford
05/05/2015 Dr Paul Bentley Attention-motor interactions after stroke Imperial College London
19/05/2015 Dr Nahid Zokaei Understanding visual working memory in health and disease University of Oxford
26/05/2015 Alex Whittington/Jonanthan Underwood C3NL PhD student presentations Imperial College London
02/06/2015 Dr Rob Leech Centre for Restorative Neurosciences meeting Imperial College London
09/06/2015 Dr Jacinta O'Shea Neurostimulation in Stroke University of Oxford
16/06/2015 Dr Mazdak Ghajari Biomechanics of traumatic brain injury Imperial College London
08/09/2015 Prof David Sharp Concussion? Imperial College London
15/09/2015 Amir Sariaslan Long-term outcomes of TBI in children/adolescents University of Oxford
22/09/2015 Dr Ines Violante Hot-wiring the brain: Simultaneous fMRI & TACS Imperial College London
29/09/2015 Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars Choline-PET and MR Spectroscopy in Primary Brain Gliomas Imperial College London
06/10/2015 Prof David Dexter Translational approaches for developing novel therapies for Parkinson's disease Imperial College London
27/10/2015 Dr Maria Yanez-Lopez CEST Imperial College London
03/11/2015 Dr Greg Scott Neuroinflammation after traumatic brain injury Imperial College London
10/11/2015 Dr Ged Ridgway Modelling longitudinal structural MRI University of Oxford
17/11/2015 Prof Henrik Zetterberg Neurogeneration/Inflammation in TBI University of Gothenburg
24/11/2015 Dr Stephen Fleming Metacognition/insight in neurological disorders University College London
08/12/2015 Leor Roseman Psychedilc Imagery Imperial College London
19/01/2016 Dr Davinia Fernandez-Espejo Minimally Conscious States & fMRI University of Birmingham
26/01/2016 Dr Peter Taylor Dynamical systems & graph theory in the context of brain networks in epilepsy Newcastle University
02/02/2016 Dr Damian Cruse Minimally Conscious States & EEG University of Birmingham
09/02/2016 Dr Julian O'Kelly Music Therapy with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness – Lessons from Research Royal Hospital for Neurodisability
16/02/2016 Dr Nicoleta Baxan Preclinical MRI & BIC Imaging Imperial College London
23/02/2016 Prof Paola Piccini Functional imaging in Parkinson's disease: an overview Imperial College London
01/03/2016 Dr Jon Brown Functional disruption of hippocampal and cortical circuits in a mouse model of tauopathy University of Exeter
15/03/2016 Dr Boon Lim Vasovagal syncope and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome: case base discussions Imperial College London
22/03/2016 Dr Olivier Mougin Chemical exchange saturation transfer at 7T: development and application to pathology University of Nottingham
12/04/2016 Dr Peggy St. Jacques Retrieval-related modification of memories for events University of Sussex
26/04/2016 Dr Cornelius K Donat Animal models of Traumatic Brain Injury Or: Do woodpeckers get concussions? Imperial College London
03/05/2016 Dr Kudret Yelden Optimizing circadian rhythm and characterizing brain function in disorders of consciousness The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
10/05/2016 Dr Rogier Kievit The rise and fall of executive functions: How and why higher cognitive functions change across the lifespan MRC CBU
17/05/2016 Dr Dan Carey Speech representation, learning and plasticity: insights from multi-modal imaging Royal Holloway
24/05/2016 Dr Amir-Homayoun Javadi Cognitive enhancement using physical exercise and brain stimulation University of Kent
31/05/2016 Dr Ines Violante Hacking the brain II: External manipulations of frontoparietal phase coupling modulate behaviour, neural activity and connectivity Imperial College London
14/06/2016 Laura Acqualagna Pushing the boundaries of Brain-Computer Interface technology: challenges in novel applications and large scale studies Technische Universität Berlin
21/06/2016 Dr Anna Simmonds Variability in vocal learning brain circuits Imperial College London
05/07/2016 Dr Graham Searle and Dr Christopher Coello MIAKAT: A Toolbox for Quantitative Analysis of PET Imaging Data Imanova
12/07/2016 Dr Magda Sliwinska Defining the importance of domain-general brain systems in language learning using TMS Imperial College London
27/09/2016 Dr Mazdak Ghajari Computational modelling of TBI Imperial College London
04/10/2016 Dr Gary Zhang Imaging tissue microstructure with advanced diffusion MRI UCL
11/10/2016 Dr James Cole Brain Ageing: Old ill or both? Imperial College London
18/10/2016 Dr Rebecca Jackson Investigating the Function of Resting-State Networks using a Systematic ICA Approach University of Manchester
25/10/2016 Dr Emma Meaburn Biological basis of risk and resilience: insights from genomics Birkbeck
01/11/2016 Dr Deniz Vatansever A Functional Role for the Default Mode Network in Cognitive Flexibility University of York
08/11/2016 Dr Kyle Jasmin Talking in the scanner: live interaction tasks and what they tell us about typical and autistic brain organisation UCL
15/11/2016 Dr Adeel Razi Dynamic causal modelling of the resting brain UCL
22/11/2016 Professor Serena Counsell Preterm brain development: insights from diffusion MRI King's College London
06/12/2016 Dr Jonathan Smallwood Understanding the role of the default mode network in cognition: towards a component process account University of York
13/12/2016 Dr Jon Underwood Cognitive impairment in treated HIV-disease Imperial College London
31/01/2017 Dr Eyal Soreq Decoding the functional brain Imperial College London
07/02/2017 Prof Rolf Heckemann Quantitative signatures of brain disease in structural MR images MedTech West Sweden
14/02/2017 Mr Derek Andrews Novel Applications of Structural Imaging and Pattern Recognition to Investigate Autism Spectrum Disorder King's College London
21/02/2017 Dr. M.W.A. Caan Quantifying MRI: from reconstruction to application in neuroimaging Academisch Medisch Centrum (The Netherlands)
28/02/2017 Prof Hugo Spiers Developing a diagnostic for Alzheimer’s dementia with a 2.5 million test sample: Sea Hero Quest UCL
28/03/2017 Dr Julio Acosta-Cabronero Recent advances in neurodegenerative disease research with diffusion and susceptibility MRI University College London
09/05/2017 Prof Mary Morrell & Dr Ivana Rosenzweig The neural and cognitive impact of sleep apnoea Imperial College London & King's College London
16/05/2017 Dr Sara de Simoni Corticostriatal connectivity and executive dysfunction in TBI Imperial College London
30/05/2017 Dr Soroosh Afyouni Insight and Inference for DVARS & Impact of Autocorrelation of Functional Connectome The University of Warwick